Local dashboard idea

Hey Brewers,

Here at BrewOps we have made a conscious effort to keep our solution “mobile forward” with the philosophy that if it is too complicated to be viewed in an app, then it is too complicated to be in the platform.

Over time we have learned that while computer based dashboard software is extremely useful, not everyone has time to learn a new platform, and regularly use it how it was designed. As busy professionals, we know that you have very little time to invest in new systems, and at the end of the day you want to view your data in ways that make sense for you. For this reason, we have chosen to provide access to API data streams, and will be making that information available soon.

However we are working on, and have received requests for, simple dashboards that can be viewed publicly on a screen in the brewery, in offices/meeting rooms, or from home. We are building some of these out now and would love to get your feedback. Below are some example screenshots, and are interested to get your thoughts and suggestions!

Thank you for your feedback!

-The BrewOps team

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