Introduction to Premium Subscriptions


This article describes how premium subscriptions work in the BrewOps platform. Premium subscriptions are not required to use BrewOps Products, but add additional benefits including remote monitoring and alerts. Subscriptions can be added per product category, allowing breweries to pick and choose what works best for their budget and operating needs.


Q: What does a subscription cost, and how many BrewOps products does it support?

A: Presently, premium subscriptions cost $50 per month, per product type. Each subscription supports up to 20 devices per brewery, meaning that typically only one subscription is needed.

Q: Why do you charge per product type instead of per product?

A Typical remote monitoring and data services are billed per the number of installed devices, however we feel that this disincentivizes users to scale, and becomes cost prohibitive eventually. We want to simplify the model, and provide clear and transparent pricing that scales with your brewery.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for annual subscriptions?

A: Yes! A 15% discount is offered on all products when purchasing an annual subscription.

Q: What features and benefits does a premium subscription provide?

A: Premium subscriptions provide many benefits, including access to a rolling 90 days of history in the BrewOps mobile app, remote access to data and alerts, live equipment dashboards that can be viewed from a PC or monitor in your brewery, and access to live and historical data streams using an application programming interface (API). These features will continue to expand and improve with feedback from brewers. If you haven’t already, check out our Share Ideas section to join the conversation.

Q: How do I purchase premium subscriptions?

A: Self service purchase links are included below, or you can contact your BrewOps sales representative

BrewOps Purge Subscription

BrewOps Chill Subscription

BrewOps DO Subscription

BrewOps Temp Subscription