App update: Version 1.2 Reverse Purge

Dear Brewers,

We are excited to announce a newly launched feature in the BrewOps App that maximizes caustic efficiency and reduces compressor runtimes. Our primary objective during the development of the Purge was to focus on reducing O2 levels and increase repeatability in the purge process of brite tanks prior to brite beer transfer. However with the creative input from a few ingenious brewers, we have discovered an additional benefit - the improvement of pre-CIP cleaning for both brite tanks and fermenters. From these learnings and trials, we made a few updates to the Purge sensor firmware, and the mobile app experience - creating a new activity we are calling a “Reverse Purge”.

For a reverse purge, instead of watching oxygen levels drop from high to low during the purge process, our reverse purge feature watches the oxygen level to increase from a low level back to a normal high level found in breathable air. This method confirms that a majority of CO2 has been completely purged from the tank before the initiation of a caustic cleaning cycle.

Reverse purging prior to CIP offers numerous benefits. In instances where CO2 hasn’t been entirely purged, you’ll observe improved caustic performance, thereby reducing both waste and water consumption. Also, in scenarios where you might have been running your compressors excessively, the reverse purge will help reduce runtime. This saves energy, reduces costs, and decreases wear and tear on your equipment. For more information on the benefits of reverse purging, check out our recent blog post.


The BrewOps Team